[History] Chronicles // 138 ABY - 200 ABY

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138 ABY: After the defeat of Darth Krayt at the hands of Cade Skywalker, the Galactic Alliance Triumvirate is formed. Consisting of Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnants, Empress Marasiah Fel of the Fel Empire, and Jedi Master K'Kruhk of the New Jedi Order, the triumviruate hopes to bring peace and stability to a war-torn galaxy.

139 ABY: With the death of Darth Wryylok, Darth Wredd, and the other major Dark Lords of the One Sith, what remains of the Sith are scattered across the galaxy. Without any unity, the remaining lords fight amongst themselves.

140 ABY: Law and order, albeit slowly, returns to a galaxy torn by war and the Galactic ‘Long Peace’ sets in.

---- LEGENDS ENDS ---- 141 ABY: The New Jedi Order rebuilds itself at the destroyed temple of Ossus, led by a High Council of Cade Skywalker, K’Kruhk, and Shado Vao. At this time, the Jedi Order has under 100 members.

142 ABY: The remnants of the Galactice Alliance create the Alliance Special Investigations Unit [A.S.I.U] to monitor Dark Side organisations and prevent the return of the Sith. Members of the New Jedi Order and Imperial Knights are invited to act as officers.

150 ABY: Grandmaster of the Order, K’Kruhk edicts the Protocol of Defence. It is a vow to the “citizens of the galaxy” binding the New Jedi Order to defend “the galactic government” if it is ever existentially threatened by the Sith or other seismic threats.

155 ABY: Suffering from ill health, Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnants steps down in his position of Supreme Commander and resigns his emergency powers. The Galactic Alliance summons a constitutionally-powered republican government, hosting the first galactic elections in almost a century. Elections are not held on worlds under the control of the Fel Empire.

162 ABY: Grandmaster K’Kruhk dies after a sudden period of illness. As he was only considered middle aged for his species, the Imperial Knights and many members of the Order suspect an assassination. With the recent Sith Wars still in living memory, a frenzy of suspicion leads to 13 members of the Order being exiled. who become known as ‘The Class of ‘62’.

163 ABY: As the Jedi Order elects a new Grandmaster, a minor diplomatic crisis emerges between the Jedi Order and Imperial Knights of the Fel Empire over further fears of Sith infiltration. Tension within the Triumvirate reaches a high as the Imperial Knights arrest Cade Skywalker, but violence is averted. Shado Vao is elected as the new Grandmaster of the Order.

170 ABY: To maintain the Galactic Triumvirate's alliance, borders are officially drawn between the Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire. However, the security and peace along these borders is contingent on trade agreements and a good relationship between the two powers. Behind closed doors, both the Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire begin attempting to expand their borders to ‘unclaimed’ planets. Both sides increasingly consider themselves the “legitimate" galactic government.

178-187 ABY: The Great Hutt War begins, a brutal gang war in the criminal space of the Hutt Cartel. By 187 ABY, Brejjon Brogol Dreshog emerged as the new Supreme Hutt over a far smaller cartel. Small system-wide cliques control much of the outer territory of what was once under the Hutt Cartel. Though most slave revolts were crushed, those that were successful led to many systems joining the Galactic Alliance, finally emancipated and free to choose their own destiny.

183 ABY: On the planet of Zygerria, a pro-slaver rebellion fights off a strike force of Jedi and Imperial Knights and asserts territorial sovereignty over the system of Zygerria. The Imperial Knights and Jedi blame one another for the failure of their operation, shattering any hopes of continued military cooperation. In response, the Galactic Alliance forms Alliance Command, centralizing authority over participating planetary militias in the hands of an officer corps.

192-6 ABY: The Chiss Ascendency begins colonizing inhabited worlds on the Outer Rim.

195 ABY: Marasiah Fel dies of old age. The title of Emperor falls to her son, Roan Fel II.

198 ABY: Cade Skywalker is killed in action on Felucia by Yuuzhan Vong marauders. With his death, the Skywalker line ends.

200 ABY: The Jedi Order celebrates its return to over 200 active members within its ranks, a number not seen since Grandmaster Luke Skywalker’s ascension. With Ossus becoming cramped, Jedi Master Orson Ramis, Iannis Rose, Raion, and Knight Valerio Erza are sent to the planet of Abregado-Rae to begin the foundations of a new praxeum.
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