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[Faction] The Fel Empire

Posted: 08 Oct 2020, 05:40
by The Jedi Council

The Fel Empire
Founded from the remnants of the Galactic Empire’s civil wars (4 ABY- 44 ABY), the Fel Empire was the creation of a dynasty of force sensitive autocratic leaders who founded the Fel dynasty. In recent history, the Fel Empire was one of the co-signatories of the Galactic Triumvirate and arguably its leading member. Many in the galaxy still see the Fel Empire as the most legitimate government and leader of the galaxy, but this is a legacy contended directly with the Galactic Alliance. While the Fel Empire and Galactic Alliance are not directly foes, they fight a war of ideology and politics over the smaller members of the galaxy to try and secure influence and grow their domain of power. Because of this strange 'Cold War' ongoing in the galaxy, the Fel Empire controls several territories detached from its base surrounding Bastion and the imperial capital. Naboo and Christophsis sit as the regional capitals of this territory.

The Empire itself relies greatly on the strength of its imperial family, Imperial Knights, and raw military power. However, this becomes a balancing act between the power of the Emperor and the politics of its Moffs. When the power of the Emperor wains, instability, aristocratic infighting, and contention reign supreme. Though power is officially concentrated in the authority of the Emperor, this is not strictly the case. Aristocrats from the Empire are selected to be ‘Moffs’, usually succeeding their fathers in noble houses, who act as territorial governors and advisors to the Emperor.

One of the main differences between the Fel Empire and its predecessors is the institution of the ‘Imperial Knights’, a group of force sensitive bodyguards that are not only the most ardent warriors of the Light Side, but are sworn only to the Emperor. Often, these Imperial Knights act as ‘enforcers’ upon the Moffs, bringing terror and threats to seditious members of the Council of Moffs. In some rare circumstances, the Imperial Knights use more than words to threaten the Moffs into submission.

However, the greatest source of contention in the Empire is between the people and their rulers. Citizens of the Empire are legally considered subjects under the protection of these Moffs wielding the Emperor's authority, with very few political rights outside of extensions of service to the Empire. A mass bureaucracy of intelligence networks monitors the population and assures loyalty to the crown. Despite this authoritarian practice, people within the Empire are generally quite content with the state of affairs. After decades of war and turmoil, subjects of the Emperor are willing supporters of the only legitimate galactic government.
Institutions of State:
  • Head of State: The Emperor / Empress
  • Head of Government: The Emperor / Empress
  • Executive Branch: Council of Moffs
  • Legislative Branch: Council of Moffs
  • Military Branch: Imperial Army, Imperial Navy
  • Judicial Branch: Crown Court (highest authority), Planetary Courts (local authority)
  • Secret Service(s): I.I.B – Imperial Intelligence Bureau, Imperial Knights
Head(s) of State / Government:
  • Monarchs: Jagged Fel I (44-82 ABY), Jagged Fel II (82-102 ABY), Roan Fel I (102-138 ABY), Marasiah Fel (138-195 ABY), Roan Fel II (195- ABY),
Form of Government: Aristocratic Hereditary Empire
Capital System: Bastion
Key Systems: Bastion, Lorrd, Mygeeto, Bimmiel, Gravlex Med, Maltha Obex, Dantooine

Re: [Faction] The Fel Empire

Posted: 14 Oct 2020, 07:27
by The Jedi Council