[Biography] Diva Orusa

This section of the archives includes the personal collections of temple residents, what information exists on them for the public domain, and what thoughts they have written down.
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Diva Orusa
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Diva Orusa
Birth Date: 181 ABY
Place of Birth: Ord Trasi
Species Theelin
Diva Orusa was a Theelin hybrid born on Ord Trasi. Her mother was a Theelin slave of a Hutt crime lord. She met Diva's father, a skilled mercenary, during her captivity and flew with him on the Veragi Trade Route and ended up hiding on Ord Trasi. Diva is the only child that survived their union, therefore they named her according to the Theelin religious order and were planning to have her to join it before her Force sensibility was revealed to them.
Being relatively close to the Dantooine enclave it was decided that she would join this branch.

She then joined the Jedi order at the age of five and followed the standard curriculum. She was apprenticed by Jedi Knigth Saesee Yaren. They traveled a lot together and formed a strong connection. Until one day, while on a joint opperation with the Ossus branch, they got ambushed resulting in the death of her master.
The Dantooine council then decided that it would be better for her own good to be transfered to another branch. Abregado was their choice and she was sent there to join the new branch.
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